July 5, 2022


Even though we have been making white wines in Bordeaux for two millennia, they remain one of best kept secret. Find out what makes them so appealing to modern palates and why they deserve a place on your wine list.

Why Bordeaux’s Refreshing Whites Should Feature on your Wine List 

Those of who have spent time in the beautiful city of Bordeaux, or the stunning beaches of Arcachon, will already be firmly acquainted with the pleasures of dry Bordeaux white wines; fresh, crisp, and clean and perfect for lunches, dinners, and all in between. With a history of white wine making dating back over 2,000 years, the renewed efforts of the winemakers of Bordeaux to create a range of consumer-focused white wines really does deserve your attention… as well as a space on your wine list!

Simple, Affordable, Modern Range

Many dry whites of Bordeaux are made in a simple, varietal style. The grapes are harvested early, fermented at cool temperatures, and bottled after a short time on the lees for that beautifully balanced texture. This fresh and fruit-forward range, with delicate aromas of citrus, yellow fruit, and floral notes, reflect both the terroir of Bordeaux as well as how the Bordelais like to drink their wines; with full glasses and big smiles!

Some dry whites are made in a more complex style, often with well-judged oak treatment to add extra complexity without masking the ever-present fresh acidity and fruit character. Importantly, even with the extra costs involved, these wines remain remarkably good value for money and consistent in quality throughout changeable vintage conditions. Tim Sykes, The Wine Society’s Bordeaux buyer, declared of the 2021 vintage that “the dry whites this year are super, with plenty of fresh, aromatic fruit backed up by citrus acidity”.

Recognisable Sauvignon Blanc

In a wine world filled with confusing labels, the fame of Sauvignon Blanc still shines through. It’s a grape variety your clients and staff will have heard of and be comfortable ordering. Sauvignon Blanc is thought to originate from Bordeaux, and the increasing number of varietal Sauvignon Blanc from Bordeaux sit beautifully between cooler climate expressions from the Loire, and more sun-drenched expressions from New Zealand. With recognisable green fruit, citrus, and blossom notes, these really are crowd pleasing wines.

Balance and Freshness from Atlantic Influence

As the summer months begin to click into gear, those restaurants and bars that have the option will be in full terrace mode. Clients will no doubt be after something cold, fresh and vibrant in their glasses as they while away the afternoon in the sunshine. Few wines can rival a well-made Bordeaux Blanc, best served chilled, for refreshing acidity and salinity from the Atlantic breezes, as well as fresh fruit flavours from the long sunshine hours. Bordeaux Blanc really does make a perfect by-the-glass aperitif!

Food Pairing Versatility

Bordeaux is a food loving city, and its wines are produced to reflect that. Few days are started on better form than with a refreshing glass of Bordeaux Blanc and a plate of oysters at the legendary Marché des Capucins! The fresh and fruity aromatics, balanced with that lovely seaside salinity, make Bordeaux Blanc a great pairing with seafood, white meats, salads, grilled fish, and soft cheeses.


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