Join the Bordeaux Crew !

Turned towards the future, Bordeaux wines draw on their heritage in a bid to constantly reinvent themselves. Driven by the powerful creative energy of those who promote them, they tell their stories here and now. (Re)discover them

Unique by nature

Bordeaux is about tradition, but it is also about innovation. Bordeaux produces great growths, but it also produces unexpected cuvées. Bordeaux comes in red, but it also comes in a variety of styles… That’s right, Bordeaux wines are all different yet equally remarkable! 

These unique characteristics feed into our brand-new advertising campaign, designed by, for and with industry professionals: a tale which reveals the powerful collective energy that steers our wines, through the people who make them, the multitude of terroirs they love, and their commitments towards sustainable viticulture and responsible consumption. This living culture is offered to all epicureans though our original motto: “Join the Bordeaux Crew”.

The many faces of Bordeaux Crew

Here there are no actors, just the real-life faces behind the bottles! Our new film brings together all those who help to promote Bordeaux wines. Whether they are winegrowers, negociants, wine retailers, restaurant owners, sommeliers, chefs or bartenders, all are real, local industry professionals captured in their natural environment, across the diverse landscapes of the Gironde region.

Because who better than our winegrowers, negociants and brokers – a real melting pot of personalities and characters – to highlight just how much our wines are in a process of perpetual renewal? Their combined presence invites Bordeaux Lovers from around the world to come together over our diverse wines. Sharing is at the heart and soul of Bordeaux Crew!

A whole universe of wine(s) to explore

Unique and multifaceted, Bordeaux wines are the epitome of these encounters: an unprecedented richness which unveils itself through new posters and advertising campaigns. Each group of appellations has its own visual showcasing its identity, its strengths and its differences with pride and passion, resulting in the creation of a saga embodied and rooted in each of our terroirs!

Join the Bordeaux Crew

The energy that drives our community is contagious. Getting together, discovering, discussing, always bustling and breaking away from conventions: Bordeaux Crew never stops! Their favourite meeting places? The Bordeaux vineyards, cellars and restaurants, not forgetting social media! Bordeaux Lovers from around the world share their many tips, unique events, incredible encounters and original tastings that do away with received ideas. 

So what are you waiting for? Come and join us! #JointheBDXcrew

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