March 31, 2020

Vins de Bordeaux announces new date for Bordeaux Day

bordeaux day wine

Originally scheduled for May, Bordeaux Day will now take place on Wednesday 9th September. This expansive tasting will afford the trade an unparalleled opportunity to discover the most exciting new trends and wine styles from Bordeaux.

New for 2020, this comprehensive trade event will include tastings and seminars, giving the wine trade a unique insight into the quality, diversity and affordability of Bordeaux wines under £25. 

You will receive a full update on Bordeaux at bespoke seminars held throughout the day and also have the chance to rediscover the modernity, quality and diversity of Bordeaux wines for yourself in dedicated tasting zones, all of which will feature wines chosen to appeal to modern, everyday consumers.

In addition to a tasting of the Bordeaux Hot 50, a carefully curated collection of wines priced between £6 and £25 , you will be able to experience Bordeaux Undiscovered, an exclusive showcase of superb wines selected by producers seeking representation in the UK, many of whom will be on-hand to talk you through their wines. Taste the newest wines from leading UK agents at BDXchange and try a selection of organic, biodynamic, vegan wines that highlight Bordeaux’s sustainability drive at Green Bordeaux.

The day will kick off with a Bordeaux Briefing at 11.30am presented by the Vice President of the CIVB, Allan Sichel, which will enable visitors to get up to speed with the latest news and statistics from Bordeaux. This will be followed by a presentation and panel discussion at 2pm focusing on What Sustainability means to Bordeaux. Hosted by Marie-Catherine Dufour, Manager of the Technical Department for Bordeaux, this session will demonstrate how winemakers in Bordeaux are combating climate change and promoting biodiversity throughout their vineyards. From bats to brand new varietals, you’ll leave with a new perspective on Bordeaux and the subject of sustainability.

“An exciting wave of innovation is sweeping through Bordeaux and I am very much looking forward to sharing this with the UK wine trade,” says Allan Sichel Vice President of the CIVB. “Bordeaux Day will provide an exceptional day of tastings and engaging discussion, giving the members of the trade the perfect opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the diversity, versatility and ingenuity of Bordeaux!” 

We very much hope to see you there! In the meantime, we hope that you and your families stay safe and healthy during this challenging period.

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