Bordeaux Wines will join forces with your favorite UK pubs
October 18, 2016

Bordeaux Wines will join forces with your favorite UK pubs

Bordeaux wines are now available in more pubs and restaurants next to you!

A new love story has begun between Bordeaux wines and some of the UK”s favorite pubs and restaurants, including All Bar One, Browns, Miller and Carter, Vintage Inns, Castle & Premium Country Pubs. Bordeaux wines will now be featured in over 500 venues across the UK for you to taste and enjoy.

You will find Browns, Castle & Premium Country Pubs offering various Bordeaux promotions, including Bordeaux by the glass at accessible prices, select Bordeaux food and wine pairings and wine of the month. You can also participate in Bordeaux wines competitions to win Bordeaux prizes! And in Spring 2017 the promotions will feature in All Bar One, Miller & Carter and Vintage Inns.

The new campaign features a range of different Bordeaux wines, from reds to dry whites, Crémants and rosés, offering an accessible variety to suit any mood or craving.

But that”s not all! Bordeaux wines has provided training to all staff at participating pubs and restaurants, offering a proper introduction to Bordeaux Wines. Thanks to this training, staff can help you discover the many delicious varieties of Bordeaux wines and guide you in selecting a wine that suits you best. 

Go and visit one of these pubs, bars or restaurants and experience Bordeaux Wines in a new setting! Taste new wines, discover the selection, and engage with trained staff to learn more about your favorite wines and the Bordeaux region.


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