Our brand new Bordeaux.com!
August 24, 2016

Our brand new Bordeaux.com!

We are pleased to invite you to continue discovering Bordeaux with an updated website which includes a design overhaul, increased functionalities, new rubrics, and additional interactivity. It”s much more than just a redesign, it”s a profound transformation that catches your attention and offers the best of Bordeaux.
Discover Bordeaux

The structure of the website has been redesigned to enhance your experience and accompany you on a journey of discovery of Bordeaux”s wines, terroirs and the people behind the wines. The website is an open door and true guide to the universe of Bordeaux Wines. Let us inspire you…

 A Wealth of Information

Discover the wines of Bordeaux while browsing the pages of our new Bordeaux Magazine section. Here you’ll learn the current trends, stay on top of the news, and have the insider information to all of the upcoming events in the wine world 


A Fresh and Dynamic Design

A new website with a new look! Bordeaux.com invites you to discover this new universe. To aid in navigation and reading, the graphic charts are all responsive: attractive, consistent, and sharp. The placement on the website alongside pictograms and icons allow you to easily re-orientate yourself and quickly find information.

 A Mobile-Friendly Website

From now on, you will be able to access the full website from your home, on your way to the office, or in the streets, all with the same quality. The metamorphosis of the site is accompanied with a reactive graphic conception that allows you to access our website from any device platform and on any screen size. Conceived with a responsive design in mind, the website optimizes each page through an adaptive design, offering optimal navigation regardless of the device used: computer, tablet, or mobile device.

See you on Bordeaux.com! And don”t forget to share your thoughts on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.


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