The Everyday Bordeaux Selection 2017
April 14, 2017

The Everyday Bordeaux Selection 2017

Each spring marks a new Everyday Bordeaux Wine Selection in London, highlighting the suitability of Bordeaux wines for everyday occasions.

Every spring the Everyday Bordeaux Wine Selection takes place in London, highlighting the suitability of Bordeaux wines for everyday occasions. We pick the best of the best Bordeaux wines for you, in terms of price, taste and availability. Last week a panel of judges tasted a record number of Bordeaux wines covering all styles – red, white, rosé, sweet and sparkling – to whittle them down to the final list.

This final selection will be available on our website very shortly and includes wines from the biggest selection of UK retailers yet, all between £6 and £20!

During the day the judges blind-tasted a whopping 262 different Bordeaux wines in order to pick the very best of what Bordeaux has to offer this year, focusing on value for money, flavour and diversity.

Chaired by Bordeaux expert and all-around wine legend Richard Bampfield MW, the judges are all independent wine professionals and Bordeaux accredited tutors: Dan HarwoodLaura ClayVivienne FranksNina Cerullo and Russell Dent.

Special guests this year were wine specialist David Kermode, wine consultant Christopher Cooper and wine blogger and importer Mike Turner, who all added their own unique approach and opinions to the tasting.

The 262 wines were split into groups, showing off the diversity of Bordeaux wines; from reds to dry whites, sweet white wines to rosés and also sparkling

During the process the judges silently sniffed, swirled and sipped the wines, feverously writing tasting notes to compare with each other, before suggesting best food pairing options for each wine – and whether they’d made it through or not! Now this may sound like every man or woman’s dream, but believe us this is a tough job, and you’ll all be thankful for their hard work when you taste the wines.

The Everyday Bordeaux Selection 2017 will be available by mid May—keep an eye on our website and we’ll publish a link to the full list as soon as we can!


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