Everyday Bordeaux Selection 2016
November 9, 2016

Everyday Bordeaux Selection 2016

Earlier this year a panel of judges sat down on a rainy day in April, to pick the wines that have been included in the Everyday Bordeaux Selection 2016 – a selection of the very best wines that Bordeaux has to offer, including reds, rosés, dry and sweet whites, within a price point of £6-20. 

The group was chaired by Master of Wine and ex-Chairman of the Association of Wine Educators, Richard Bampfield and made up of independent wine professionals and accredited Bordeaux wine tutors. The panel included Dan Harwood – a wine educator, consultant and accredited Bordeaux wine tutor, Laura Clay, an accredited Bordeaux tutor and Chairman of the Association of Wine Educators, Vivienne Franks, an accredited Bordeaux Wine educator and a WSET Certified Educator, Anthony Stockbridge, a Bordeaux and WSET accredited tutor, Keith Granger, an accredited Bordeaux wine educator, WSET Certified Educator and Member of Circle of Wine Writers, and Sandy Leckie, a WSET Certified Educator, a judge at the International Wine Challenge and regular member of Decanter Magazine’s tasting panel.

On the day, the judges – including Bamfield – blind-tasted their way through 182 different Bordeaux wines. Their aim was to pick the very best of what Bordeaux has to offer for this year’s selection with regards to quality and diversity. The wines were separated into ‘flights’ (or groups) dependent on style and appellation. The judges’ job was to decide whether a wine was good enough to go in the Everyday Bordeaux Selection dependent on its price point: if it was good value for money, as well as representing one of Bordeaux’s appellations. All wines in a ‘flight’ were in a similar price range to allow for a fair decision. During the process the judges had to decide which wines will be included in the selection, price point and tasting notes – for example whether a wine fit into the different tasting categories of: supple & fruity, round & structured and powerful & intense; crisp & fruity and structured & generous dry white wines. They also suggested occasions for consumption, as well as food pairing recommendations. 

The final selection is a beautiful array of Bordeaux wines to suit any wine style or occasion. We hope you enjoy the selection as much as the judges did choosing it!

The Selection is now available on our new site. Click here.


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