Bordeaux Hot 50 2022 selection is announced
May 24, 2022

Bordeaux Hot 50 2022 selection is announced

We are delighted to announce that the Bordeaux Hot 50 Selection 2022 has been released. A celebration of the very best of modern Bordeaux, the Hot 50 2022 selection highlights the exceptional quality, unexpected diversity and incredible value that the Bordeaux region has to offer.

All wines are priced between £6-25 and available to purchase from retailers across the UK. The Hot 50 Selection 2022 is truly representative of Bordeaux and its wines offer the highest quality to price ratio. From dry and aromatic white wines, fruity rosés, sparkling Crémants, sweet wines and soft, fruit-forward modern reds there really is something for everyone and for any occasion!

The 2022 Hot 50 was chosen by an expert panel of buyers, sommeliers, educators and wine journalists, led by the new Hot 50 Chairman, Peter McCombie MW. Together, they swirled and sipped their way through the dry whites, rosés, Crémants and modern style reds entered, all of which are available in the UK and retail between £6 – £25, to select the 50 wines that most excite them.

The selection is divided into 4 categories:

Ethical Wines – organic, biodynamic and other environmental certificates
Fresh & Crisp Wines – white wine & Crémant de Bordeaux
Smooth & Fruity – soft and fruity reds, rosé and Crémant de Bordeaux Rosé
Rich & Complex – full-bodied, complex and powerful red, white and sweet wines

The list makes it much easier to decide when faced with choosing a wine for any occasion. So why not try one of these Hot 50 Bordeaux wines and discover why the judges selected them? The full list is available here.


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