The multiple-Christmas-dinner survival kit
December 14, 2018

The multiple-Christmas-dinner survival kit

Once upon a time there was just one Christmas dinner to think about. But today we’re overrun with Christmas meal invitations. From dinner with your close family to festive meals with cousins and friends – and not forgetting the work party – there’s a good chance you’ll sit down to more than one Christmas dinner this year.

Will you survive the holiday season? Relax – here’s our top tips to help combat the Christmas excess without missing out on the good stuff.

  1. Buy adjustable clothing

A simple sartorial tip to ensure your Christmas comfort: tight jeans and fitted dresses should be eschewed in favour of elasticated waistbands. Couple with a loose-fitting t-shirt for the ultimate multiple dining experience.


  1. Awaken your senses and cook!

It’s all too easy to fall into the lazy guest trap. You turn up, eat, and slump in front of your host’s TV. Minimal effort. But not good for energy levels. Instead, be brave and host your own soiree. You get to soak up the rich smells (and wines) in the kitchen while you whip up a storm in the kitchen. After all your hard work you’ll be rewarded with a delicious dinner, and you can enjoy the added advantage of being on portion control – making that third dinner all the more survivable.


  1. Wine wine wine

You can’t have a Christmas meal without a bit of bubbly. Finding the right cork to pop can make all the difference – the right wine can keep the vibes good and your guests chatting. Coming back to those all-important senses, the aroma of the perfect wine will enhance the smell of roasted meat. No idea which wine to choose? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our extensive range.                                                     


  1. Know when to give up

Okay, this is a toughie. The thing about multiple Christmas dinners is that you need to know when (and how!) to say enough is enough. No-one wants to upset aunty Deborah or cousin Nathaniel, but there’s only so much food you can physically consume. Maybe try ‘I’m saving room for dessert’ or ‘I’m really enjoying the wine at the moment’ (which will be the absolute truth if you’ve got a fantastic Bordeaux in front of you).


  1. …and breathe!

If you follow these rules everything will be fine! Before you know it, we’ll be celebrating next Christmas.



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