People’s Choice: Kathleen Fowler
October 20, 2016

People’s Choice: Kathleen Fowler

Last year, we launched the very first Bordeaux Fan Awards “People”s Choice”. This year we”re back with more enthusiastic fans, like Kathleen Fowler. 

Kathleen is a huge advocate of Bordeaux wines, especially after visiting the Bordeaux region. She works in a large retail wine shop and shares her passion for great everyday wines with her customers.

How were you first introduced to Bordeaux Wines? At a dinner party MANY years ago, I had my 1st bottle of Mouton-Cadet rouge and got hooked on finding out why this was so different.

What do you like most about Bordeaux Wines? They are so food friendly and a great red or white blend, which is the current wine trend!

Tell us about your favorite Bordeaux Wines.Sautern/Barsac. I look for the second wines from the top Chateaux which are more affordable and approachable at a younger age.

Castelnau de Suduiraut 2003 Deep amber in color, wonderful fragrant nose of honey, dried apricot and lemon zest. Paired this incredible wine with charcuterie then a homemade lemon cake. What a match!! $20 U.S. 375ml

Chateau la Rose de Vitrac rouge 2014  I always look for wines from the lesser know applications because they are an affordable way to enjoy Bordeaux wine. This wine had notes of dark cherry, a very slight herb fragrance that brought out the flavors of the herbs and vegetables in the simple beef stew for dinner. $10 U.S. 750ml

Chateau Les Trois Croix Fronsac 2006 I found this gem and even though I wasn”t familiar with the wine I saw it was from the Famille Leon and knew the name from famous wines such as Almaviva from Chili, Opus One, Mouton Rothschild.On the nose, it had dark berries, and hints of tobacco and a wonderful long finish. I paired it with bacon wrapped filets on the grill. OH MY I was in heaven. This was a steal at $30 U.S. 750ml. I went back to the store and purchased 2 more bottles to share next time with friends

On what occasions do you drink Bordeaux? When ever I want, no occasions needed!

Did you discover anything unexpected from this experience? Take a chance on less familiar regions, you may discover your new favorites!

Thanks, Kathleen! 


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