Taking Technology to the Vineyard
August 12, 2019

Taking Technology to the Vineyard

Wine making is a tale as old as time. In Bordeaux, it dates back as far as the ancient Romans around 60 BC. For generations, families and producers have studied the intricate and delicate nature of perfecting wine, cultivated land, tended grapes, and put in endless hours of dedication to their vineyards. 

But, it’s 2019. And with the progression of time, comes whip-smart technology that brings years of wine making expertise to the forefront of automation, and ultimately, true perfection. technology in vineyard

Let’s explore three unique technological innovations that are advancing the way we think about wine making today.

Predicting, tracking, and getting ahead of unexpected weather is a key component for wine makers. The Picovale Weather Station takes a lot of the guesswork out of outsmarting the weather, and puts wine makers at ease. This intelligent Weather Station can alert wine makers to upcoming weather events, such as a dreaded frost, so wine makers can spend less time worrying, and more time being proactive about their harvest. technology in vineyard

Identifying the exact right moment to harvest your fruit is, well, a science! Enter the Brimrose Le Vigneron AOTF-NIR Analyzer. By by calculating and analyzing levels of sugar and acidity, this  piece of technology is bringing groundbreaking insight to the exact time wine makers should be harvesting.

Endless hours can be spent pruning and tending to vines, and keeping them at an exact length is critical to the success of a wine when it comes time to harvest. Now, wine makers are putting down the shears thanks to the Wall-YE Robot VIN, which can prune up to 600 vines per day. 


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