9 Tips to Take Instagrammable Wine Pictures
October 31, 2019

9 Tips to Take Instagrammable Wine Pictures

Where would we all be without our favorite filters and Boomerangs? Instagram has opened up our world and allows for users to soak up food, culture, and of course, wine, with the tap of a button. 

While your personal Instagram feed might currently be filled with friends, and maybe a pet appreciation post or two, we know there’s an aspiring wine influencer somewhere deep inside! Follow these 9 tips to take Instagrammable wine pictures! 

Pair Wine with Food

Nothing makes wine look more tempting than paired and photographed with your favorite foods! From hearty steaks to sweet desserts, the pairing opportunities are endless, and you’ll always have a different type of wine to highlight.  One of our favorites of all time? Doughnuts and Bordeaux rosé! 

Be sure to explore Bordeaux.com or @Bordeauxwines on Instagram, you will find a lot of perfect and unexpected food & Bordeaux Wine pairing.
instagram wine pic

Make Things Move

Set the mood with moving images! From a full-blown Boomerang to a subtle cinemagraph, tell a more impactful wine story when you make things move. Not sure where to start? There’s an app for that! Boomerang is a native Instagram feature. Be sure to feature a Bottle or a glass of Bordeaux Wine, it will make your cinemagraph stunning 😉
instagram wine pic candle

Bring a Friend 

“Cheers” is a word we hear often when enjoying wine, especially with Bordeaux wine! Have a friend around? Snap a picture of the perfect “Cheers” in the moment.
instagram wine pic cheers

Get Seasonal 

With the holidays approaching, have a little fun with seasonal decor! Wine goes with any occasion, but feels extra timely against a holiday backdrop. 

For example, Celebrate your holidays with bubbles crafted in Bordeaux. Crémant de Bordeaux, the perfect way to celebrate holidays in a stylish way.

instagram wine pic bts

Meet a Maker

Step outside of your comfort zone and meet a winemaker! Not only will you learn more about the wines you know and love, but your Instagram feed will shine with diverse personalities. “Hard work is not enough to make the world’s most admired wine. It’s just the beginning. Passion, talent and know-how are just essential”, discover more portraits of Bordeaux winemakers here.


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