April 12, 2019


Over 50 members of the wine trade settled into the comfy armchairs of the Curzon Cinema in Victoria to hear about the latest initiatives from the CIVB at The 2019 Bordeaux Briefing on 21st March.

Hosted by Allan Sichel (President of the CIVB) and Fiona Juby (UK Market Consultant), topics covered included an update on the latest figures from Bordeaux, an outline of the CIVB’s commitment to sustainability and sustainable practices, the success of marketing initiatives carried out by the CIVB, and its UK agencies, as well as insights into the plans for 2019 activity and how the trade can be involved.

We received some great feedback on the day, and are excited by the positive energy behind Bordeaux Wines! For an overview of 2019 and how you can get involved, click on the following link: The Bordeaux briefing

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to explore how we can work together over the coming year, and to register your interest for The Bordeaux Briefing in 2020! Email us at:


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