2018 – A vintage that received the utmost care and attention to produce wines of outstanding quality

In 2018, Bordeaux winegrowers did not get much relief due to the rather extreme weather conditions. Fortunately, the weather from mid-July to late September was particularly conducive to producing perfectly ripe and healthy grapes throughout the Bordeaux wine region.


The quality of the Bordeaux red grape varieties was excellent for the 2018 vintage. Pickers were able to harvest the grapes at optimum ripeness, enabling each variety to reveal its full potential. The harvest began on the 17th of September for the most early-ripening Merlot, which is the most common grape variety in Bordeaux (covering 66% of the area under vine). It has all the qualities of a great vintage, with a brilliant color, notes of ripe fruit and beautiful concentration. The Cabernet wines are equally superb and well-structured.


The white grape varieties were harvested early with no stress whatsoever, from the last week of August onwards in order to retain freshness, and a perfect balance between sugar and acidity. The Sauvignon Blanc features wonderful hints of exotic fruit while the Muscadelle, a complementary grape variety of dry white wines, is particularly expressive. The Sémillon, which must be picked at peak ripeness, provide wonderful aromatic complexity and plenty of flavor.


Despite appearing later due to the dry summer, Botrytis cinerea rapidly developed, enabling the grapes to be picked fifteen days earlier than usual. Harvesting by hand in several passes enabled a meticulous selection, producing very expressive and smooth wines with wonderful aromatic complexity.


The grapes used to produce rosé wines were harvested relatively early (around the 20th of August) to maintain freshness following an exceptionally hot summer, resulting in high quality, elegant, and crystal-clear wines with beautiful aromatic intensity.

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