A Moment with Nathalie Escuredo
November 8, 2016

A Moment with Nathalie Escuredo

Nathalie Escuredo, winemaker and manager of the Château Boutinet, talks about Bordeaux rosé!
Why do Bordeaux and rosé go so naturally together?

We have the fresh, cool, oceanic influence and remarkable terroirs for creating a fruity, fresh and delicate rosé. Here on our Libourne wine estate, we host tapas outings in the shade of our ancient oak trees – it’s the quintessential rosé moment!

Your favourite grape varieties for Bordeaux rosé?

Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot are the three grape accomplices in a Bordeaux rosé. Each brings its own delicate touch, adding freshness, supple character and very fruity notes of currant and strawberry. These wines are meant to be enjoyed when they’re quite young.

Your trade secret?

Direct pressing is the method of choice for us, using a variety of grapes with black skin and white juice. Then it’s a question of maceration time in the press, to get that sought-after colour – a few hours is all it takes. The sacred harvest date and temperature control are also essential to the success of the magic rosé formula: fruitiness, liveliness and freshness!

Your favourite summer treat to enjoy with it?

When I’m at home, I make delicious spreads from pan-fried vegetables, like cucumber and radishes, with melted Cabecou cheese, topped with a bit of chorizo. For dessert, my guests always love my strawberry verrine with fresh mint.


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