Getting Social in Bordeaux
July 20, 2016

Getting Social in Bordeaux

Whether you Blog, Post, Tweet, Pin, Instagram, or all of the above, we look at some of the key people living in Bordeaux you should add to your digital diary:

Jane Anson – @newbordeaux

Jane Anson is Bordeaux correspondent for Decanter, and has lived in the region since 2003. She is author of here 

Maxine Colas – ‪@Bordeauxwinenew

British-born Maxine Colas has a Masters degree in French from the University of London. She also studied wine at the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and the University of Bordeaux Oenology department. She holds a diploma from the Insititute of Wines and Spirits. Maxine lectures at the Bordeaux Wine School and the CIVB, specialising in both Bordeaux wine tasting initiation and advanced levels.

Learn more about Maxine Colas here 

Charlie Matthews – ‪@bordeauxuncorkd

Charlie Matthews is export Sales Manager for Mähler-Besse, and a negociant in Bordeaux. 

Suzanne Mustacich – @smustacich

Suzanne Mustacich is an author and contributing editor at Wine Spectator magazine. She has previously reported on the wine trade for Agence France Presse, Wine Life, and Meininger’s Wine Business International. She is also a screenwriter and former television producer. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science from Yale University, and a DUAD diploma from the Enology department at the University of Bordeaux. She lives with her family in Bordeaux.

Learn more about Suzanne Mustacich here

Wendy Narby – @insidertasting

Wendy Narby is leading Bordeaux wine educator, teaching professionals and the general public in Bordeaux, the UK, Asia and the US. Her aim is to open the doors of the world’s most famous vineyards and share the talents of lesser known winemakers. Wendy makes the wonderful world of Bordeaux wine more accessible.

Learn more about Wendy Narby here 

Gavin Quinney – @GavinQuinney

Gavin Quinney lives in Bordeaux at Château Bauduc, where he makes house wines for Gordon Ramsay, Rick Stein and Hotel du Vin. An experienced taster, Gavin has been writing the Harpers “en primeur” report since the 2005 vintage.

Learn more about Gavin Quinney here 

Mimi Thorisson

Born in Hong Kong to a French mother and Chinese father, Ms. Thorisson spent her childhood summers in France. It wasn”t until two years ago, however, that she found an output in the form of her online food diary, inspired after she and her husband, Mr Oddur Thorisson (who featured in last month”s The Way I Cook), decided to leave the bustle of Paris with their growing brood in search of a little more space of mind and home. They”re now living in the Médoc.

Learn more about Mimi Thorisson here and follow her on Instagram 

Steve Webb – @sauternessteve

“If you love the wines of Sauternes and Barsac then you’re in good company because we think the pleasure of drinking a bottle of Sauternes is hard to beat. It’s as special as the wines are and we want everyone to know about it!”.

Learn more about Steve Webb here 

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