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July 20, 2016

Get involved

Organise a Bordeaux Dinner

Our Dine with Bordeaux programme, now in its fifth year, is your chance to partner with a local restaurant to run your own Bordeaux dinner. This is an ideal way of building relationships with your customers whilst illustrating how food-friendly Bordeaux wines really are. We’ll supply you with a free publicity pack and contribute up to £350 towards the Bordeaux wines you select.This promotion is a limited offer on a first come first served basis, so don”t miss out!

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Run a Bordeaux Tasting 

As you know, store tastings are another effective way of enhancing your customers’ experience, and a powerful asset in running an independent business. Our promotional kit has been voted one of the best the industry offers and provides you with all the tools you require to run a successful Bordeaux tasting. Additionally we shall provide a contribution of £150 to cover the cost of the Bordeaux wines you select for your tasting.This promotion is limited to the first 60 Wine Merchants who register. Please claim your free tasting kit today (and see the conditions of this offer) by clicking here.


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