Christmas gift guide for wine lovers
June 29, 2017

Christmas gift guide for wine lovers

With December just now upon us we are well and truly getting into the Christmas shopping spirit! It can be hard to choose from the wonderful array of wines on offer when buying Bordeaux for your wine-loving friends and family, so we’ve put together some fresh ideas to help you out.

The Foodie

We all know the foodie who thinks about their dinner whilst eating breakfast. Take the wine pairing out of their hands and buy them a versatile red Bordeaux wine that pairs well with both white meat and grilled fish. Go for a supple and fruity red Bordeaux produced from has some useful tips on when to decant and suggestions of where to find the best antique glassware for specific occasions.

The Dessert-Lover

Sweet-toothed friends need suitable wine to match, and Bordeaux produces top quality, lusciously sweet wines perfect for rich, festive puddings. Sainsbury’s have a delicious Dartington Crystal Glitz red wine glasses in a set of two, perfect for a full bodied red Bordeaux, such as the Crémant de Bordeaux, our famous crisp, dry and easy-going sparkling white wine. Treat your fizz loving friends to a bottle of this Calvet Crémant de Bordeaux Brut, less than £10 from ASDA.

The Curious

For the ever-curious, inquisitive wine-lovers in your life why not send them to the heart of Bordeaux for a truly unique, educational treat. At the coolers and buckets to suit all tastes, allowing you to enjoy cool wine on the go!


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