Holiday Food & Wine Pairings
November 10, 2016

Holiday Food & Wine Pairings

If you’re planning on cooking turkey with all the trimmings, we’d suggest pairing it with a supple & fruity red Bordeaux that’s not too over-powering. If you’d like to drink a wine with more body, we’d recommend a round & structured red Bordeaux with a Merlot dominant blend and aromas of cherry, raspberry and oak, such as a Fronsac, Saint-Émilion or Pomerol.Our Turkey recipe from Martha StewartPhoto credit: Martha Stewart If you rather serve beef, pick a powerful & intense red that will not only complement and enhance the rich flavours, but that will also stand up against the meat. We’d suggest a wine with a Cabernet Sauvignon dominant grape blend, like a Margaux, Pauillac or Pessac- Léognan. Red is also a great choice to pair with decadent chocolate desserts.The beef dish we will cook for the holidaysPhoto credit: Food & Wine Although we love traditions, we are also all for stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something new. So why not make this Christmas a white Christmas? Bordeaux is renowned for its red wines, but the region also produces an array of brilliant whites, ranging from dry to sweet. The chocolate meringue cake we can”t wait to try!Photo credit: Artful Desperado You might not be aware, but Sauvignon Blanc is the predominant grape blend in Bordeaux’s dry white wines. If you’re starting your Christmas meal with either smoked salmon or prawns, select a crisp and fruity wine from Entre-deux-Mers. The citrusy aromas and flavours of peach and acacia taste particularly good with seafood. If you’re looking for a more substantial style that could be paired with a main dish like turkey or poussin recipe, try our structured and generous dry whites with a strong aromatic persistence from Graves and Pessac-Léognan. They will pair particularly well with white meats and gravy. Our favourite poussin recipe!Photo credit: What Katie Ate Bordeaux’s lesser-known sweet white wines are perhaps even more appropriate for a festive meal. A mellow & fruity sweet white wine makes the perfect pre-holiday meal aperitif. These wines, with their acacia, honeyed aromas and zing of fruits beautifully complement veined cheeses. If you have a penchant for Roquefort, choose a unctuous & intense sweet white such as a Sauternes. These rich, complex wines with an almost syrupy texture complement the strong cheese’s rich flavours. Sauternes also matches well with foie gras, which is a traditional Bordeaux pairing. Our must-have cheese platter

Photo credit: Honestly Yum

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