December 11, 2018

Retailer Promotion Round Up – in-store and online!

Bordeaux Wines continues its efforts to boost awareness and sales this fall and winter with a strong sees line up of promotional activities:

  • Fresh Direct: A successful two-week online promotion (October 11 to October 25) across Fresh Direct NY, CT, PA and DC markets. Key elements included a themed Bordeaux shopping page, branded banner ads, social media, plus one major in-store tasting at the Fresh Direct Wine & Spirits store in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
  • Total Wine and More: A major promotion took place on November 3rd across over 185 stores nationwide. The key focus was on in-store tastings to boost sales and engage shoppers about Bordeaux.
  • Central Markets (TX): A Bordeaux promotion was held over the weekend Oct 12-14 with thirty in-store tastings to drive sales of Bordeaux as well as grow awareness and interest in the category.
  • Wegman’s: Starting in November and continuing through December to capitalize on the holiday season with 55 in-store tastings in stores across six states: VA, MD, NY, NJ, MA and DC. The tastings are being supported by education – both staff trainings and a number of consumer seminars.
  • Montgomery County Dept. of Liquor Control (MD): Started in October and will run through December this promotion features 45 in-store tastings as well as staff trainings and a promotional feature in the DLC quarterly magazine and trade email blast to keep Bordeaux top of mind throughout the promo period.


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