A Journey through the Vineyards of Bordeaux
December 3, 2017

A Journey through the Vineyards of Bordeaux

Lonely Planet named Bordeaux as its #1 travel destination in the world for 2017. Although the historic city has a lot going for it these days, the surrounding region should not be missed. More than 6,500 châteaux produce wine in Bordeaux– making it the largest appellation designated wine growing region in France. While there are a few vineyards within the city limits most are well outside the city center, dotting the beautiful and varied landscape of what’s called the Gironde department.

As you may already know from watching our previous video Bordeaux is Back !, Bordeaux is back! There’s so much going on in Bordeaux these days that we wanted to let you delve deeper into the amazing atmosphere of the Bordeaux region with a series of four brief videos:

A window on the vineyard !: Experience what it feels like to wake up in a vineyard! 

What does managing a vineyard mean? : Follow Gabe Kennedy and Adrien David Beaulieu from Château Coutet as Adrien passionately explains what managing a vineyard means to him.

After watching these two videos, you might be feeling a bit hungry, so check out this next video of Gabe having a cooking lesson with Tanguy Lavialle, the well-known chef of restaurant Garopapilles in Bordeaux. Cooking Lesson

At this point, we– shockingly– still haven’t had any wine, so pour yourself a glass and join us as we learn about what “Biodynamic” means for a local wine maker here in Bordeaux. What does Biodynamic mean to you?

To truly experience and enjoy today’s Bordeaux vibe, we suggest that you sit back, relax and open a delicious bottle of affordable Bordeaux wine– like a St Emilion Grand Cru for only $25…or a Grand Vin de Bordeaux for $24…or a refreshing rosé for less than 10 Bucks!

Whatever you choose, you’ll always enjoy life a little bit more with a glass (or a bottle:-)) of Bordeaux wine!


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