How to Pair Easter with Bordeaux
July 22, 2016

How to Pair Easter with Bordeaux

Roast Lamb with Red Graves

The New York Times has a recipe for a roast leg of lamb slathered in butter and topped with anchovies. While anchovies might seem like an odd pairing with lamb they actually add depth to the meat that will make your Red Graves pop. Red Graves is a great wine to drink mature and, lucky for you, easy find in your local retail store. Via Bon Appétit

Ham with Bordeaux Superior

A roast ham with a younger Bordeaux Superieur (think a 2012 vintage or Claret) will bring a lighter and more fruity touch to your Easter Feast. If you have time to spare we love the idea of letting the ham cure in spices for a few days before roasting. Why not try the official wine of Downton Abbey in honor of the show”s finale? Via Serious Eats

Asparagus with Sauvignon Blanc 

Nothing says “Spring!” like asparagus (and if you’re lucky that asparagus is grilled). No matter what recipe you choose, pair your asparagus with an acidic and grassy Sauvignon Blanc. Look for an Entre-Deux Mers or Bordeaux Blanc for some of the best value whites from the region.  Via Food52

Easter Brunch with Crémant de Bordeaux

Easter brunch is a wonderful excuse for multiple bottles of wine. Fried eggs call for a crémant de Bordeaux, either blanc or rosé. While creamy scrambled eggs go wonderfully with a dry rosé or Graves Blanc with a high percentage of Semillon. If you”re serving a frittata any of the above will do the trick because there is nothing better than starting your day with perfect eggs and a refreshing glass of crisp Bordeaux. Via Martha Stewart

Hard Boiled Eggs with Crémant de Bordeaux

Dying Easter eggs shouldn’t be the only fun part of your Holiday tradition. This year pair those hard-boiled and vibrantly-colored eggs with with a Crémant de Bordeaux or your favorite rosé. This is, hands-down, our favorite way to keep the Easter celebration going. Via Half Baked Harvest

Peeps with a young Sauternes

No Easter is complete without Peeps, even if you usually buy them for their undeniable cuteness. When it comes to pairing your Peeps with wine, and more importantly eating them, the trick is to match sweetness with sweetness. Meaning you can eat your Peeps while sipping on a glass of a young Sauternes, a fruity Loupiac, or a lovely Saint Croix du Mont.

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