2020 – A year like no other

Somewhat unpredictable weather conditions, vineyard operations turned upside down during the spring lockdown, an early vintage from bud break to the harvest, a perfect Indian summer... 2020 really put winegrower’s expertise to the test. The latest vintage will undoubtedly leave its mark on the history of the Bordeaux wine region. Nevertheless, the weather during summer was ideal for picking grapes in optimal conditions. Harvesting and winemaking operations thus unfolded serenely. The 2020 vintage is of excellent quality, with wonderful balance between alcohol, acidity and tannins.


The Merlot harvest began early September in the earliest-ripening plots and was in full swing around 20 September, followed by the Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Picking drew to a close in the first week of October. Initial tastings suggest an outstanding vintage. Wines best enjoyed young are wonderfully balanced, while those with good ageing potential will develop beautifully.


The first bunches were picked shortly after 15 August, starting with the Sauvignon Gris and Sauvignon Blanc on the earliest-ripening terroirs. Despite the hot summer, the sweet and delicious grapes retained good acidity.


Botrytis cinerea set in late, around mid-September, when noble rot, conducive to producing sweet white wines, developed thanks to humidity. The first passes (selective manual picking) required a large workforce in a short amount of time and called for a great deal of effort on behalf of winegrowers. The results were definitely worth it, with sweet white wines displaying superb balance, notes of ripe fruit and wonderful freshness. Unfortunately, the drought conditions impacted yields, generating lower volumes in 2020.


The grapes intended for rosé wines were picked just after mid-August, in the cool of the morning to preserve their freshness. The resulting wines are fresh and fruity with excellent acidity.

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