Easter Food & Wine Pairings
July 19, 2016

Easter Food & Wine Pairings

Roast Lamb

First up is lamb. Lamb has been symbolic of Easter since biblical times and still appears as a staple main meal for any Easter lunch. If you’re planning on cooking the traditional lamb roast served with gravy, roast potatoes, vegetables and a jar of mint sauce, we suggest pairing the dish with a bottle of powerful and intense red Bordeaux wine. Go for a full-bodied Pauillac, Graves or Haut-Médoc with a predominant Cabernet grape blend – it will beautifully complement the lamb’s strong meaty flavours.

Image credit: recipe. A round and structured Bordeaux red would of course suit this dish, but even better, pair it with a red Bordeaux Supérieur or a Fronsac with ripe fruit and good body that will complement the cumin and cinnamon spices as well as the lamb’s delicious flavour.

Image credit: Sainsbury”s Magazine

Pineapple Mustard Glazed Ham 

Cooked ham is a great alternative to lamb. This sweet, juicy and syrupy pineapple mustard glazed ham recipe will taste its best paired with a bottle of supple & fruity red Bordeaux with a predominant Merlot grape blend. Or if you’re feeling adventurous and you have made a syrupy sauce to accompany it, try a bottle of mellow and fruity sweet Bordeaux wine, whose sweet grapefruit, acacia and pineapple aromas and taste will suit the ham’s fruity glaze and syrup perfectly.

Image credit: Country Living

Carrot Cake

A slice of carrot cake should satisfy your sweet tooth cravings, it is a great way to finish an Easter meal and it’s a little healthier than chocolate (well we like to think so). Again accompany a large slice with a glass of unctuous and intense sweet Bordeaux wine such as a Sauternes or Barsac. The sweet, sugary aromas of mango, quince and honey will enhance the sweet, nutty and cinnamon flavours of the carrot cake.

Image credit: Honestly Yum

Chocolate egg tart

If you’re a traditionalist, chocolate will of course feature high on the Easter Sunday menu. But rather than gorging yourself on Easter eggs, we’d suggest a more elegant rich chocolate tart paired with a bottle of powerful and intense Bordeaux red wine, with sweet, fruit flavours of redcurrant, blackberry, liquorice and roast coffee, such as a Haut-Médoc.

Image credit: Taste

Find you perfect Bordeaux for Easter here.


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