Holiday Gift Guide: For The Office

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Holiday season is here, and we’re attempting to get through the shopping frenzy stress-free and amiable. So far we’ve seen what a chaos Black Friday can be (pepper spray?!) and how successful Cyber Monday sales are this year. The real challenge: finding splendid gifts for the people in your life.

This week’s post is geared towards the office-mates. You spend more time in the office than at home, you see them everyday, and you’re looking forward to sharing a glass of wine (or ten) with them at the holiday party. Here’s some wine-themed gift items that we like the most:

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The Analyzer: Rate That Wine Pad
Your scrutinizing friend of the group not only enjoys drinking wine, but analyzing it as well! Give them 60 sheets of fun, perfect for tasting parties. $8.00 [link]

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The Snacker: The Brix Collection
We all have that neighbor in the office that has your 3pm candy fixings. Shower them with a collection of all natural chocolate that includes tasting notes & wine pairings for each. Don’t forget to pick up a sampling for yourself! $25.99 [link]

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The Fun-Czar: Winerd
We all need a break from the daily grind, even the one who sets up your monthly office events. This board game will test your colleagues’ wine knowledge…and could be used for the next office party. Are you a winerd? $35.00 [link]

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The Boss: Menu Cool Coat
Keep your wine cool with the big boss…it’s like a suit for your chilled wine. It’s trendy, practical, and effective. Keeps your wine cool for about an hour, which is enough time to serve and slip out of the office! $29.95 [link]

Have you started holiday shopping yet? Tell us in the comments what wine gifts you’ve given in the past!