Meet Bordeaux’s Culinary Ambassador, Chef Michael Toscano

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From dishwasher at a local country club in Texas to manning the kitchens of New York City’s buzziest restaurants, Chef Michael Toscano has had a culinary career that many people can only dream of. 

This week, we asked him to take a break from his busy schedule at Perla, Montmartre and Jeffrey’s Grocery to answer a few questions for the Bordeaux Wines’ community and provide you with some helpful holiday hacks for Thanksgiving. 

Get to know Chef Michael Toscano below!

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Chef Michael Toscano’s Tarte Flambée [RECIPE]

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Tarte Flambee Wine

With Thanksgiving just a few days away, we asked Chef Michael Toscano, Executive Chef and Partner at two of New York City’s buzziest restaurants, Perla and Jeffrey’s Grocery and Bordeaux Wines’ culinary ambassador, for a seasonal, unexpected recipe to kick off the big day. He came back with this savory Tarte Flambée, sure to please any crowd. 

Save the recipe below and refer to Patrick Cappiello’s wine pairing suggestions to amp up your appetizer! 

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Innovation In Bordeaux

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Though we’re known for our old world charm and tradition, the appellations that make up the Bordeaux wine region are hardly beholden to old ways of thinking. Whether it’s environmentally friendly practices, modern winery design, or partnerships with hip food trucks, the winemakers of Bordeaux are on the cutting edge of the 21st century.

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What Makes Bordeaux, Bordeaux?

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Bordeaux is a region with a uniquely rich history. And, while a new generation of winemakers may be bringing fresh techniques to the vineyards, many of the traditions that make up the centuries of Bordeaux heritage remain the same. We can’t give away all our secrets, but we can give you a little glimpse of the magic that goes into a Bordeaux wine. 

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A Day In The Life Of Château Biac’s Youmna Asseily

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001bA day in the life …during  harvest

6:45am:  The alarm goes off…it is the last day of harvest for the red wine grapes . My body would welcome another hour in bed, but that is out of the question today!

7:30am:  Still dark outside. The sound of the tractor carrying up the harvesting baskets resonates through the shutters – the vineyard is on top of the hill and the winery down below, by the Garonne River.


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