Michael Madrigale Picks Three Everyday Rosés

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It’s Rosé season and there is nothing better than a sommelier-loved wine. That’s why Michael Madrigale — ambassador for Planet Bordeaux and Sommelier extraordinaire for Daniel Boulud — is sharing three of his top Bordeaux Rosé recommendations. Guaranteed to keep you happy all summer … Continue reading

Wine Lists Demystified

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Bordeaux comes in all colors — red, whites, rosé and sweet whites — for all palates. If you’re a seasoned Bordeaux drinker, or even a Bordeaux Newbie, you probably know exactly where to head in the wine store (if you … Continue reading

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How to Talk to Your Local Wine Shop

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It’s easy to go into a wine shop and shy away from making eye contact with the person behind the counter. We’ve all been there! After all, buying wine can feel a little overwhelming. But what if we told you … Continue reading

Use Your Leftover Wine for a Boozy Dessert

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What normally happens to your half-finished bottle of Bordeaux? Does it become risotto? Tomato sauce? Maybe you cook your pasta in it? While these are all great options your leftover wine deserves a shot in the big leagues. That’s right, … Continue reading

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the Bordeaux Way!

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Saint Patrick’s day is synonymous with green foods and Guinness but there is a different route to take when it comes to celebrating the Irish and the country’s famous green hue (seriously though, the grass in Ireland is so green). … Continue reading