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The refinement of Bordeaux seeps into all aspects of its culture, history and lifestyle. Our series of articles is intended to inspire and entertain.


Bordeaux is a magnet for wanderlusts. Every year the region plays hosts to countless visitors who come to sample its inimitable lifestyle. And, Bordelais receive them with warm open arms. Welcome, wine adventurers. 

Hospitality has always been a Bordeaux trait, especially for wine lovers, letting them experience first-hand the savoir-faire of our wineries and our winegrowers’ passion for the land. Visitors in search of authentic experiences and a desire to learn more about winemaking will not be disappointed in Bordeaux. The Bordeaux region has kept pace with this trend and developed special itineraries for new oenological explorers.

A broad palette of activities is available within Bordeaux’s wine tourism program starting with the most popular. Wine tasting, workshops, classes, and various instructional programs are held throughout the region to give visitors the chance to experience the great diversity of Bordeaux wines.  These experiences offer a unique opportunity to learn the characteristics of the vineyard appellations, the range of varietals, and the colors of Bordeaux wines with true professionals with a deep passion for wine and education.

Another equally enjoyable option is a journey to the vineyards, cellars, storehouses, and châteaux of Bordeaux. During such excursions, visitors can speak directly with the men and women who make the wine and get a unique glimpse of this world-renowned savoir-faire amidst the vines.

Several wine routes have been paved to take full advantage of the variety of the region’s wines and countryside. In the north and east, the Route des Châteaux crosses the Médoc; over near Bourg and Blaye, it is the Route des Coteaux; then the Route du Patrimoine explores winemaking heritage of the area around Saint-Émilion, Pomerol and Fronsac. Further south, you can follow the Route des Graves, the Route des Sweet Bordeaux near Sauternes, and, lastly, the Route des Bastides in Entre-Deux-Mers. Travelers can crisscross the region on these special wine circuits, stopping at will to satisfy their curiosity and desires.

Your Bordeaux experience isn’t limited to wine. There is also a wealth of historical and cultural heritage to be explored within the old city of Bordeaux including its museums and estate tours.  Additionally, Saint-Émilion, recently classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, should be an essential stop for travelers of all walks of life.

Gourmands, too, can revel in the region’s local gastronomy. On the menu? “Bouchon” Petit Fours, Gratton de Lormont, Cannelés, the famed Entrecôte Bordelaise...and many other classic local dishes to try.

Bordeaux is a veritable playground for travelers seeking new experiences with fascinating itineraries and an ever-expanding offer of wine tourism activities. And, with the early 2015 opening of the Cité des Civilisations du Vin, Bordeaux should convincingly vie for the world title of Leading Enotourism Destination.


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