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The refinement of Bordeaux seeps into all aspects of its culture, history and lifestyle. Our series of articles is intended to inspire and entertain.

Dynamic Bordeaux

Already well-established in the Bordeaux region, enotourism is one of the driving forces behind the area’s modern, dynamic character. Incomparable experiences await you here ensuring your stay in the Bordeaux wine region is incomparable and unforgettable.

Bordeaux is astounding, astonishing, entrancing. Gourmet Bordeaux means local specialties, a vast gastronomic palette, and unparalleled wine estates. Thrilling Bordeaux bewitches visitors with fabulous new activities, an exciting nightlife and uncommon encounters. A world of tantalizing secrets, waiting to be discovered by you.

Bordeaux is a land of water. For a romantic evening with a dose of culture just set sail and relax. After wine tasting, come aboard a cruise to learn about the vineyards and soak up the refreshing ambiance of the cellars. Cocktail cruises are also a great way to explore Bordeaux and its wines, an opportunity to take a fresh look at this amazing city.

Bordeaux is in the air. Reach for the skies in a hot-air balloon and experience Bordeaux from a different perspective. What could be more exhilarating than sailing through the air, flying over the vineyards, all in the company of a winemaking aeronaut? An outing for savvy thrill seekers, it’s a chance to never come back down to earth…until the next tasting.

Bordeaux is dark and mysterious, a city with many hidden surprises by night. An adventure for the bold who want to treat themselves to an uncommon evening that embodies their passion for wine. Spend a night in a tun (a giant barrel) in the middle of a vineyard. A safe, cozy nest for a night you will never forget. If you enjoy the priceless experience of being awakened by birdsong, a Bordeaux chateau is the overnight abode for you. “Chateau,” for some, brings to mind fortresses and lords. In truth, these are elegant, hospitable mansions set deep within the vineyards. A chance to stroll amid the vines, visit the winery, and sample the house wine before enjoying dinner made with delicious local ingredients and a restful night in a room set in the heart of a vineyard. Let the spell be woven into you.

And finally, there is the elegant Bordeaux. Visit the wine storehouses; explore rooftop gardens, take in stunning views of the vineyards. See modern, innovative cellars designed by renowned architects. Awaken the mind and imagination. Learn how wine is made straight from the winemakers. Let this dynamic, surprising, bewitching, elegant region inspire you.

Exciting things are happening in Bordeaux. There is always something to discover. 


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