Food and wine pairings

Cheese table

Burger Party

Burger Party

For 6 people


20 min


Refreshing, with dark fruit flavors and taut structuring tannins, a wine from Saint-Emilion is the ideal partner with this rich, flavorful smoked Camembert bacon burger. Packed with blackberry, plummy and earthy flavors, hints of spice and a rounded plus mouthfeel these wines compliment the richness of the cheese and bacon of this dish.


For something a little different but equally complimentary try a Bordeaux Clairet – a wine unique to Bordeaux, richer, more deeply colored and structured than a rose wine, yet lighter than a red wine.


- baby greens salad
- thin slices of bacon
- mini buns
- 1 camembert (soft cheese with soft dough)


Cut in half and grill the buns. Cut strips of camembert

Arrange the salad, then add the slices of cheese and the cooked bacon

Roland Barthélemy

Roland Barthélemy is a master cheese expert. He served four presidents of France and won the world cheese award for his outstanding contribution to the world of cheese. President of La Guilde Internationale des Fromagers, he travels the world to increase global recognition of traditional cheesemaking and the diversity of cheese heritage.