Sun’s out, rosé’s out!
June 8, 2018

Sun’s out, rosé’s out!

When the sun”s out, the drinks that we think of on beautiful days also return and–let”s be honest–rosé is always at the forefront of our thoughts when it comes to tasty summer beverages. There”s only one problem: keeping your wine fresh in the summer. When you”re in the park, by the beach, or anywhere else where there”s not a cooling device nearby, that pink nectar can become a little…less perfect.

Because, honestly, what”s worse than a lukewarm rosé? Ok, that”s easy: a warm rosé. Occasionally, however, you may find yourself with an unchilled bottle of wine and without the time or ability to refresh the object of your thirst in a fridge or freezer. In those difficult times, we recommend utilizing the brilliant technique of master sommelier Brian McClintic from the MyDomaine website.

You”ll need:

a bucket of ice water

a lot of salt

three minutes


Once you”ve procured the above items, nothing could be simpler: first, fully immerse your wine bottle in the bucket of ice water and salt. (The addition of salt causes a chemical process to take place that allows the temperature of wine to drop faster than it would if you used cold water alone.) Occasionally rotate the bottle for three minutes and, in no time at all, you”ll be armed and ready for rosé all day!


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