Enjoy the Bank Holiday Weekend with Bordeaux!
July 19, 2016

Enjoy the Bank Holiday Weekend with Bordeaux!

If we had our way, we’d have glorious sunshine this Bank Holiday weekend. Of course the British summer can never be trusted, but if the sun does decide to spread a few rays, make sure you have a sack of charcoal on standby!

If you like nothing but the classic burgers and sausages combo, we suggest you pair them with a supple & fruity red Bordeaux wine. Bordeaux produces a huge range of red wines in this tasting profile that are just as good served on their own as they are when paired with food. Try this delicious Calvet Reserve – produced from Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes within the Bordeaux AOC. Its rich aromas of berries and vanilla will pair beautifully with the intense flavours of grilled beef and pork. Buy it at Waitrose here for just £8.99.

If grilled fish is more your thing, then match with a light and refreshing, crisp & fruity white Bordeaux wine, such as a Bordeaux Blanc or a wine from the Entre-deux-Mers appellation (our go-to choice for fish and seafood pairings). Try this Château Martinon, which you can buy from The Wine Society, here.

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Fajitas are a great back up plan if the heavens open. Depending on how spicy you make them, you might need a heavier, fuller-bodied red Bordeaux wine. A round & structured red Bordeaux such as a Bordeaux Supérieur or a Fronsac will balance the spicy flavours of the fajitas.

If you’ve added extra chilli, why not try a glass of mellow & fruity sweet Bordeaux white wine? It might not be something you’d normally consider, but sweet white wine tastes great with hot dishes. The aromas of pineapple, acacia and grapefruit will complement the dish’s rich ingredients, as well as soothing the heat of the chilli.

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A cheese platter is the ultimate sharing meal and you can always add dishes such as a salad, cold meats or baked potatoes to pad it out. If you’re going to adhere to a typically French selection, serve an array of cheeses that range from soft to hard, such as Brie and Camembert, to a rich mature comté. Add a blue cheese, such as Roquefort for stronger taste. Accompany soft cheeses such as Brie and goat’s cheese with a glass of crisp & fruity dry white wine or a supple & fruity red, depending on your personal taste.

Pair blue cheeses with a mellow & fruity sweet Bordeaux white wine. We’d recommend this easy-drinking and well-balanced Premières Côtes de Bordeaux – buy it for just £6.29 from Tesco, here. For stronger, harder cheeses, these are best matched with a heavier, fuller-bodied red Bordeaux wine, such as a powerful & intense Médoc or Saint-Estèphe.

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