2015 - A top-quality vintage

That year, the weather conditions were optimal and the crucial phases unfolded successfully. The flowering, fruit set and ripening took place under ideal conditions with, for the most part, sunny days and cool nights.

Red wines

They are harmonious and full with wonderful structure and density. Ripe fruits are omnipresent, with smooth and fruity mouthfeel, and tannins with remarkable finesse.

Dry white wines

Their character is between fresh and fruity, with aromas of grapefruit and white peach, finishing with a fine balance of flavours.

Sweet white wines

These are impeccably aromatic, smooth, with beautiful complexity, developing apricot and marmalade notes.

Rosé and clairet wines

The rosés are crystalline, fine and fruity, with a long finish. The clairets from this vintage are very fresh and fruity with a marked raspberry color.


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Our Terroir
Our Terroir
2015: Exceptional, enviable, unmissable!