2013 - The smallest harvest since 1991

This year, a wet and chilly spring delayed vegetative processes and disrupted flowering. A splendid summer with a number of devastating storms and hail, causing a sharp decline in the harvest.

Red wines

The assemblage of these varieties produced round, fruity wines. They have delicate structure and are a pleasure to consume. Quality wine that is ready to drink!

Dry white wines

These wines are of very good quality, with lovely acidity creating freshness and complexity.

Sweet white wines

A great year! The wines are concentrated, with great aromatic complexity and wonderful purity.

Rosé and clairet wines

The cool September nights encouraged aromatic development in the rosés, resulting in delectable, lively wines.

The clairets have character and lovely mouthfeel, dominant red berry notes, and good acidity.


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Our Terroir
Our Terroir
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