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Laurent’s All-Chocolate Table

Dark chocolate covered cranberry bon-bons with Raspberry dust

Dark chocolate covered cranberry bon-bons with Raspberry dust

For 8 people


70-90 min


90 min


The silky texture of the Merlot dominant wine from Saint-Émilion pairs wonderfully with the chocolate's sweetness.


A raspberry-color pairing with a nice aromatic link between the chocolate and the wine. A subtle pairing through and through.



Raspberry Dust:

360g of fresh raspberries

Bon-bon Shells:
340g of dark chocolate (70%)


Raspberry Dust Preheat the oven to 150°C. On a baking tray, place a sheet of greaseproof paper and spread the raspberries close together out on top. Place in oven for 1hr 30 mins to dry them. Let cool, then mix to a fine powder. Bon-bon Shells: In a double boiler on low heat (maximum 50°C), slowly melt 250g of chocolate, then add the remaining 90g of chocolate, mixing with a rubber spatula. Keep the heat on so the chocolate stays soft and fondant.

With a tablespoon, put a layer of chocolate in the bottom of the small chocolate moulds (they need to be a basic, deep shape so there's enough room to fill with cranberries), making sure you spread the chocolate over the entire surface. Refrigerate the moulds for 5 mins. Repeat twice. Note: When the chocolate comes out of the fridge, it should be completely hardened. Cranberries and Raspberry Dust (sweet topping) Put 2 cranberries into each chocolate mould along with a nice pinch of raspberry dust. Using your tablespoon again, fill each mould up to the top with chocolate, which has been kept warm on the double boiler. Return to fridge to harden for 15 mins. Remove the chocolate bon-bons from the moulds and enjoy!

Laurent Favre-Mot

Although Laurent Favre-Mot's offbeat universe may catch you off guard at first, it will amaze you once you've tried his original and yummy pastries. The subtle combinations of his creations are bewitching. Chocolate lovers, take note!

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