Harlem EatUp! Highlights From Bordeaux Wines
July 27, 2016

Harlem EatUp! Highlights From Bordeaux Wines

This weekend, Bordeaux Wines celebrated the spirit and flavors of one of NYC”s tastiest neighborhoods at the Harlem EatUp! Festival. The weekend-long festival transformed Harlem into a foodie”s paradise, with tasting dinners, local street vendors, and Bordeaux pairing options at every event. Organized by celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson, local celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris and Bill Clinton also made appearances. From Harlem to Bordeaux, see how much there is to discover. Check out our pictures after the jump! Missed the event? Bordeaux”s Harlem EatUp! At Home cookbook includes Harlem recipes, Bordeaux wine pairings, fun facts about our chefs and more. Download it http://www.bordeaux.com/eatup”FRIDAY: DINE-IN SERIES

On Friday, we hit the streest to celebrate Bordeaux Wines and the best flavors of Harlem with with some of NYC’s most acclaimed chefs. Unique Bordeaux Wines pairings were on hand for everything from ramen to roast chicken. The http://harlemeatup.com/event-type/dine-harlem series of dinners featured Chef John Stage at http://www.dinosaurbarbque.com/Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, Richard Kashida and guest Chef Preston Clark at http://www.jinramen.com/info Jin Ramen, Chef Marcus Samuelsson at http://www.ginnyssupperclub.com/Ginny’s Supper Club, and more.<embed view=”embed” size=”original” href=”ezobject://14133″ /> Celebrating Bordeaux at dinner.<embed view=”embed” size=”original” href=”ezobject://14134″ /> Château Joanin Becot and Château La Dame Blanche ready to go.<embed view=”embed” size=”original” href=”ezobject://14135″ /> Some of the wonderful dishes we paired with Bordeaux Wines.<p><embed view=”embed” size=”original” href=”ezobject://14136″ /></p><embed view=”embed” size=”original” href=”ezobject://14137″ /> Chef Marcus Samuelsson, Ted Allen of Food Network”s Chopped, and event organizer Herb Karlitz. In the evening, we headed to <a href=”http://streetbirdnyc.com/”>Streetbird NYC</a> and <a href=”http://www.vinaterianyc.com/”>Vinateria</a> for entertainment and ambiance – and of course, more great wine. <embed view=”embed” size=”original” href=”ezobject://14138″ /> Live entertainment all evening.<embed view=”embed” size=”original” href=”ezobject://14139″ /> White Bordeaux on a Friday Evening? Sounds perfect.<h1><embed view=”embed” size=”original” href=”ezobject://14140″ /></h1><h1>SATURDAY: THE STROLL</h1>Bordeaux Wines were on hand for one of the highlights of the weekend: The Stroll. Guests enjoyed a scenic Harlem walk that was packed full of delicious food and drink vendors. As the sun came out and the day warmed up, our crisp white and refreshing rosé wines flew off the shelves.<em>Wines available on Saturday: La Fleur d”Amelie 2011, Saint Glinglin Sauvignon Blanc 2013, Château de Chantegrive 2011 (whites); Château Saint-Sulpice 2011, Château Capbern Gasqueton 2008, Château Senejac 2010, Château de Pressac 2009, Château d”Aiguilhe 2011, Château Manoir du Gravoux 2011 (reds); Château de Myrat 2010 (sweet white); and Château Tassin 2013 (rosé). </em><embed view=”embed” size=”original” href=”ezobject://14141″ /> The scene at The Stroll.<embed view=”embed” size=”original” href=”ezobject://14142″ /> Posing with Bordeaux.<embed view=”embed” size=”original” href=”ezobject://14143″ /> Stocked and ready to go.<embed view=”embed” size=”original” href=”ezobject://14144″ /> Get it before it”s gone!<embed view=”embed” size=”original” href=”ezobject://14145″ /> `<embed view=”embed” size=”original” href=”ezobject://14146″ /> These new totes were a hit.Bordeaux ambassador and NYC sommeiller <a href=”http://www.bordeaux.com/us/blog/get-to-know-patrick-cappiello”>Patrick Cappiello </a>was on hand all day pouring wines. <embed view=”embed” size=”original” href=”ezobject://14147″ /> Patrick Cappiello in action.<embed view=”embed” size=”original” href=”ezobject://14148″ /> Discovering fun facts about Bordeaux Wines<h1>SUNDAY: MORNINGSIDE PARK</h1>On Sunday, we were back again for more beautiful weather, tasting tables, and Bordeaux Wines. We spread the gospel of Yoleaux, and offered pairing suggestions for tacos, shrimp and grits, and more. Given the HOT weather, the white wines were a hit. But guests were excited to discover the full range of Bordeaux”s red wines and sweet white wines as well. <em>Wines available on Sunday: Saint Glinglin Sauvignon Blanc 2013, Château de Chantegrive 2011, Villa Bel-Air Blanc 2012 (white); Château Saint-Julien 2012, Château de By 2010, Château du Seuil Rouge 2010, Château de Siaurac 2009, Château Moulin de Lagnet 2012, Château la Vieille Cure 2010, Château des Milles Anges 2011 (reds); Château Lamonthe Despujoles 2001 (sweet white); and Château Tassin 2013 (rosé). </em><embed view=”embed” size=”original” href=”ezobject://14149″ /> Setting up for the day.<embed view=”embed” size=”original” href=”ezobject://14150″ /> Ready to try something new?<embed view=”embed” size=”original” href=”ezobject://14151″ /> Nothing beats white Bordeaux on a summer day.<embed view=”embed” size=”original” href=”ezobject://14152″ /> Bordeaux Wines expert Mary Gorman McAdams shares a Yoleaux shirt with Chef Marcus Samuelsson and event organizer Herb Karlitz.<embed view=”embed” size=”original” href=”ezobject://14153″ /> There is always so much to discover! For even more pictures, check out the #BordeauxLife and #HarlemEatUp on<a href=”https://twitter.com/bordeauxwines”> Twitter</a> and <a href=”https://instagram.com/bordeauxwines/”>Instagram</a>. And don”t forget to follow <a href=”https://www.facebook.com/bordeauxwine?fref=ts”>Bordeaux Wines </a>for summer fun!


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