Taste Eco-Heroes Bordeaux Wines our Big Bottles are coming this november

Eco-Heroes Winemakers in New

York City to show their Big Bottles

The Bordeaux wine region is joining forces with New York restaurants to celebrate the “Eco-Heroes” of Bordeaux with a special big bottle promotion this November. New York restaurants will feature fourteen Bordeaux wineries that exemplify the region’s significant commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. Making this particularly memorable for New York wine lovers, the featured wines will be offered in 3-Liter bottles, a rare, double-magnum size.

Ranging from wine bars to Michelin-starred restaurants, more than 60 accounts in New York have signed up to support the program this fall. Launching November 1, participating accounts will pour a selection of wines from 3-Liter bottles, and many are opting to host additional tasting experiences and promotions.


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