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A great selection of Bordeaux Wines is just around the corner! Discover the best stores and BYOB restaurants to purchase and enjoy a bottle of Bordeaux.

Bordeaux summer wines

Looking for a refreshing wine for summer? Discover the fresh, light character of Bordeaux whites and rosés!

Somm' Like it Bordeaux

After blind tasting 36 different Bordeaux wines,
sommeliers selected their 12 favorites.
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Our terroir

Our diverse appellations represent a broad palette of climates, soil types, and grape varieties.

Selecting a wine

Red, white, rosé. Supple or structured. The diverse tasting profiles of our wines will surprise you. Choose the one that best suits your preference.

Making of a wine

Pruning, flowering, harvesting. Discover the work of the vineyard and the winemaker's savoir-faire.

Our colors

and their flavor profiles

Reds, rosés, dry and sweet whites. Explore the diversity of Bordeaux wines, from the fruitiest to the most intense.

Our wine styles

Our appellations

Explore our appellations in depth with our interactive map.


Wine tourism

Take a getaway to our region, traveling the wine routes and discovering our fascinating châteaux.

The wine routes

A year in the Vineyard

Pruning, flowering, harvesting. Discover the life cycle of the vine and the winemaker's know-how

Behind the scenes


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