From Bordeaux with Love, our Big Bottles are coming this OCTOBER

21 Wineries sending love from Bordeaux

The CIVB is thrilled to announce that the 4th event of the Big Bottles campaign will be held in New York City, from September 28th – October 15. The new theme of this year’s campaign will be “Bordeaux Love Stories,” and will feature the passionate stories behind the people, estates, and wines of the region The aim is to promote Bordeaux wines by promoting large-size bottles (3L-Jeroboam) on restaurants’ wine lists and in stores run by independent wine retailers in New York. There will be 54 locations throughout the city and state of New York that are participating in the campaign. These locations will feature twenty-one Bordeaux wineries that tell the stories of the passion behind the glass, all from 3-Liter bottles, a rare, double-magnum size. With a diverse set of cuisines that reflect the versatility of Bordeaux, these locations range from classic, independent shops, wine bars, and top restaurants.


Participating restaurants

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The Outsiders

Rich in experience acquired in other wine regions or in other sectors of activity, these winemakers have chosen to settle, or return, to Bordeaux. Their experiences outside Bordeaux are an asset for innovating and injecting vitality and creativity into their properties. Producing wines in Bordeaux is more than a choice of heart, it is obvious.

The Duos

Mother and daughter, couples, brother and sister... these duos unite ideas, energy, know-how and creativity to produce modern, innovative and unique wines. United, they take up the multiple challenges of a vineyard, but it is also together that they move forward thanks to their convictions, passion, enthusiasm and work.

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