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Regular price : 350 euros (all included)
Student price : 245 euros (all included)

1st day

The Bordeaux experience

  • Taking tasting a step further: refresher course on tasting objectives and methods
  • Building a wine cellar to suit your tastes

Lunch at a Bordeaux restaurant

Bordeaux wines: how to find your way around?

  • Finding your way around the Bordeaux wine trade: shippers, estates, cooperative cellars, etc.
  • Find out more about Bordeaux wines
  • Different sourcing patterns

  • What do we learn from labels?

2nd day

The art of serving Bordeaux Wines

  • Choosing the right glasses

  • Aeration and decanting

  • What is the best temperature to appreciate Bordeaux wines?
  • Different types of corks

  • Wine accessories

Lunch workshop - COOKING SESSION

Bordeaux wine & food pairing

  • Basic principles

  • Bordeaux wine pairings with food: a matter of taste
  • Food-wine matching experiments

Every workshop is illustrated by tastings of wines selected from the various Bordeaux AOC appellations. Each participant will receive a certificate at the end of the course.

Practical level

Bordeaux wines explained in the glass!


Over the course of two days, you will improve your ability to taste wine; stimulate your senses, learn how to better explain what you are tasting and enrich your wine tasting vocabulary.

Discover Bordeaux wines through in-depth blind tasting over two days. Learn about the principles of successful food and wine matching.


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