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The range of activities provided by the Bordeaux Wine School is aimed to appeal to wine enthusiast-consumers and to journalists, as well as to distribution and sales professionals, in France and abroad.

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Training for young people!
Rouse interest and introduce moderate wine consumption...

.... to prestigious “grandes écoles”and universities in France

The Wine school provides training about Bordeaux wines to students of « grandes écoles » and universities in France. In a friendly atmosphere, an oenologist presents the specific features of Bordeaux’s terroirs and gives students an introduction to wine tasting.
Sciences Po, Skema, ENSTA, Ecole Normale Supérieure, etc. At a large number of schools and universities awareness about Bordeaux wines has been increased via a programme specially dedicated to higher education establishments.

... to all students of Bordeaux

In 2011, the identity ‘Ecole du Vin de Bordeaux - The Campus’, was created for students based in the Bordeaux region.
What is its role? To train students in the Bordeaux region, provide them with knowledge about culture and society, explain the economic aspect of the Bordeaux wine industry, enable them to discover the Bordeaux winegrowing area and facilitate their access to it, as well as increase their awareness of the art of tasting wine in a context of moderation.
To achieve these goals, a range of training courses has been put together especially for students:
- An introductory training course aimed for students via higher education schools
or universities.
- 3 training courses offering gradual development for students directly, to give them an introduction to and improve their knowledge of Bordeaux wines, as well as practise their tasting skills.
- A graduation system to make each training course appealing and show the level of knowledge achieved.
- The possibility of becoming an Ambassador for the Bordeaux Wine School – The Campus.

... to all students "Best of Bordeaux Bus"

The Wine School, the Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Tourist Information Office in Bordeaux and winners of the “Best of Tourism” award all work in collaboration to provide students with a completely new wine tour for a price of just 15 Euros.
Jump on board the “Best Of Bordeaux Bus” and enjoy :
• an introduction to Bordeaux wines during the journey
• a visit to two wine estates or places that have received the “Best of Wine Tourism” award, as well as a wine tasting
Accompanied by Tourist Office Guides trained by the CIVB Wine School, students discover Bordeaux wines in an amusing and accessible way.


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