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The range of activities provided by the Bordeaux Wine School is aimed to appeal to wine enthusiast-consumers and to journalists, as well as to distribution and sales professionals, in France and abroad.

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Future sommeliers training

Every year, the Wine School organizes seminars about Bordeaux wines specifically adapted to sommeliers studying in their specialized section “Mention Complémentaire Sommellerie” (MCS) at hospitality schools in France: conferences and wine tastings are organized, with a rather unusual way of discovering the typical features of Bordeaux’s vineyards.

Thanks to a partnership with the “Education Nationale”, the Bordeaux Wine School has created the first teaching portfolio for the hospitality management teachers (CAP restaurant, BTS …).

This portfolio organizes itself around 4 different themes:

· The Bordeaux vineyard (geography and appellations)
· Viticulture and wine making
· The tasting of Bordeaux wines and food and wine pairing
· The customer (management, selling and how to serve wine in a restaurant)

The Bordeaux wines training kit was distributed to 67 higher education establishments as part of supervised teaching schemes.

In the portfolio:
· A teaching guide and slide show on a USB key
· A map of the vineyard
· 3 samples of the Bordeaux vineyard (clay, gravel, limestone)
· 8 aroma bottles
· 25 copies of “Les Mots du Bordeaux”, a glossary for students
· A chart


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