Cozy Up to a Swedish Spiced Wine [WINE COCKTAIL]

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[photo courtesy: Slashfood]

It’s that time of the year. The mad rush for holiday gifts. The office parties that turn into all night karaoke battles. The headache of traveling: packing, driving, security lines, delays… I could go on. And then, the coldness really kicks in. That’s when you run home and get cozy by the fireplace. Or if you’re like us – the heater in our studio apartment.

That’s when we ran into a Scandinavian concoction, the Swedish Glögg. Glögg is a warm, spicy, mulled Swedish drink made during the holidays. Perfect for icy nights and relaxing with family and/or friends, this boozy beverage traditionally uses port wine, but we’re substituting with one of our affordable Today’s Bordeaux reds. Try it out next time you finish your holiday errands and finally made it back home in one piece.

Trust us – you’ll be merrier.

Swedish Glögg:


· 1 bottle red wine
· 1 bottle brandy (bourbon or vodka are also appropriate)
· 2 or 3 cinnamon sticks, broken into pieces
· 20 cardamom pods
· ½ cup each raisins and almonds
· ½ pound sugar


Combine wine, cinnamon, cardamom, raisins, almonds and all but ½ cup of brandy in a large pot and simmer for one hour. Remove from heat. Add reserved brandy and sugar to mixture then (carefully!) ignite using a long match stick. Let flames blaze for one minute. Cover to extinguish flames. When ready to drink, strain into mugs, reserving the almonds and raisin for garnish.

Do you have a cozy cocktail you want to share with your fellow winos? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll feature it! Stay warm!
[recipe: Gothamist]

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Claret Cobbler: Fresh & Fall Wine Cocktail [RECIPE]

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Last week we had a chance to play bartender and create wine cocktails, during the Bordeaux Under One Roof event at the Empire State Building. Our expert Mixologist – Ben Scorah – is known for his work at renowned establishments such as The Lion, The Windsor, and the brand new Bills Restaurant in NYC. And Ben’s Bordeaux wine recipes were a fabulous ending seminar to a full-day of wine discovery! So, without further delay, try out one of the cocktails we concocted that evening:

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Claret Cobbler

· 1½ Oz Chateau Puy Blanquet 2009
· 1 Oz Cognac
· ½ Oz Grand Marnier
· ¼ Oz Fresh Lemon Juice

Shaken and served in a martini glass garnished with a mint sprig.

More photos from the evening on our Flickr page!

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Summer Re:Mix: Wine O’Clock Spritzer [RECIPE]

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It’s technically still summer, right? Other than trying out new Cabernet-based wines for #CabernetDay, we’re getting crafty and relaxing this long holiday weekend with a tasty white wine cocktail from Martha Stewart. This tasty white wine spritzer is wonderfully refreshing and perfect for warm-weather entertaining. Need help on white wines to pick out? Check out the Bordeaux white wine article for suggestions.

Sadly, this recipe is the last of our Summer Re:Mix recipe series, so enjoy. We’ll be back with more exciting recipes for the fall season that will warm you up!

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· ½ cup ice cubes
· 5 ounces white wine, chilled
· 3 ounces club soda, chilled
· 2 or 3 watermelon or cantaloupe balls, for garnish

Place ice in a 10-ounce cocktail glass. Add wine and club soda. Garnish with melon balls; serve immediately.

[photo courtesy: Martha Stewart]

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Summer Re:Mix: Sauvignon Blanc Cocktail [RECIPE]

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Punch up your white wine, Bordeaux style! Now’s the perfect time to open the last of the white wine you bought for the summer and mix up some delicious vino-based cocktails! In cocktails, sauv blanc mixes best with these same flavors-fresh citrus juice and tart fruit. Check out all of our Summer Re:Mix recipes here. Enjoy!

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· 3 oz Bordeaux white wine
· ½ oz Aperol
· ½ oz Fresh grapefruit juice
· ½ oz Fresh lemon juice
· ¼ oz Simple syrup (one part sugar, one part water)
· club soda

Add all the ingredients except the soda to a shaker and fill with ice. Shake, and strain into a highball glass filled with fresh ice. Top with soda.

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Re:Mix Your Summer Menu with Bordeaux

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(The Summer Re:Mix)

We’re kicking off the summer with new flava in ya ear! And what better way to celebrate the warm season with a delicious array of summer meals that you can create yourself, pair with our Bordeaux wines, and share with friends. These simple Re:Mix recipes will be delivered to you weekly – inspired by the fresh tastes of the summer season and our passions – and we explored meals that support a Bordeaux white or rosé wine. Want more than just a meal? We’ve got Re:Mix cocktails as well!

So let’s get cookin’! Grab your apron on and join us for a summer long Re:Mixed menu! And a tip from us, we like to prep in the kitchen with our Bordeaux summer playlist in the background!

Re:Mix #1: Garlicky Lemongrass Chicken [pictured above left]
This spicy lemongrass paste is also wonderful rubbed on pork tenderloin or any firm, white-fleshed fish, such as snapper, sea bass or halibut. [From the friendly Food & Wine team]

Re:Mix #2: Creamy Peach Tart
An almost-instant crust, made with vanilla wafer cookies and smoked almonds, is the secret to this simple and unusual tart.

Re:Mix #3: Baked Fish with Tomatoes
An enjoyable fresh recipe that can be be enjoyed on the deck with friends and a bottle of white.

Re:Mix #4: Rosé Summer Cocktail
A summer cocktail with a twist. This is a great drink that you can prepare in advance of a small party.

Re:Mix #5: Pink and Pizza
Rosé recipe example from Michel Portos, which combines exceptionally well with the pink!

Re:Mix #6: Sauvignon Blanc Punch
Now’s the perfect time to open the last of the white wine you’ve purchased for the summer and mix up some delicious vino-based cocktails.

Re:Mix #7: Southern Veggie Platter
Perfect for a summer afternoon, use a Bordeaux white with a southern dish.

Re:Mix #8: Wine O’Clock Spritzer
This tasty white wine spritzer is wonderfully refreshing and perfect for warm-weather entertaining.

This list is making me hungry! Check back each week for the newest Re:Mix recipe!

Got a sweet recipe to share? Wanna share your latest Re:Mix creation? Tag @BordeauxWines on Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest and we’ll make sure to feature your amazing work of art! Enjoy!

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