Wine Bloggers Conference 2011 – Recap in Pictures

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The summer is in full-effect, and we’re delighted to be involved in so many lively wine events! One in particular that we had the pleasure of participating in – Wine Bloggers Conference!

What can we say? How else can you start a weekend with winos, but to celebrate with an International Wine Night?! Sponsors included Wines of Chile, Wines of South Africa, and Planet Bordeaux! We also had the chance to pour some delicious and affordable Bordeaux during the live speed tastings. Friday, we poured a juice rosé from the Pomerol region – Chateau Festival Rosé 2009 – which only costs around $13! For Saturday’s live speed tasting, we brought a top notch Saint-Emilion Grand Cru – Chateau Edmus 2007 – full of fresh tobacco, dark fruit, and annise, for only $30! [Though we didn’t have much inventory left, our Le Wine Buffs didn’t mind gettin’ a swig of the goods directly from the bottle!]

I have to say, one of my favorite moments of the conference would have to be visiting Monticello. Even though it was crazy hot (I think the heat index was well over 110), I couldn’t help being giddy in the fact that I was standing inside Thomas Jefferson’s home. It was marvelous to see how he thoughtfully laid out the design of his home, with details such as installing a “dumbwaiter” on the sides of his fireplace.

Check out our fun pics from the long & wine drenching weekend below, which included pics from the trip to Monticello, fast-paced wine tastings, late night pool parties, and robots!

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Wine Bloggers Conference – The Atmosphere

Live Speed Tasting – White & Rosé Wines

Reception at Monticello

Live Speed Tasting – Red Wines

Can’t wait for WBC12 – Portland, here we come! You can also view the photo albums at our Flickr page along with much more!

Wine Bloggers Conference 2011 – Live Wine Blogging – Reds

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Chateau Edmus 2007 – delicious!

Theresa and Barbara pose with Erica from CellarBlog and her sweet trivia prize! You got the Wine Rack! Congrats!

Saturday evening in Cville. We spent it at the Wine Bloggers Conference, pouring 150 participants and more as a part of the Live Wine Blogging. While wineries rotate from each table, bloggers can taste, ask questions, and quickly blog/tweet their review. It’s quick. It feels like speed dating. But way more fun.

Check out the pics from our live reds wine blogging session on our Flickr page and read up on the bottle we poured below!

Wanna buy now? Order Chateau Edmus 2007 directly here!

Wine Bloggers Conference 2011 – Swig Time [GIF]

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As we sit here and organize our photos from a great trip to Wine Bloggers Conference 2011, we caught our two Le Wine Buffs Erin McGrath and Ward Kadel talking last sips of Chateau Edmus 2007 that we served during the live speed tasting.

C’mon guys, share with the rest of us!

Check out our pics from the weekend at our Flickr page! Cheers & have a great weekend!

Visiting The Home of Thomas Jefferson – Monticello

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Monticello is a National Historic Landmark just outside Charlottesville, Virginia, United States. It was the estate of Thomas Jefferson, the principal author of the United States Declaration of Independence, third President of the United States, and founder of the University of Virginia; it is also, at his direction, the site of Jefferson’s burial place. The house, which Jefferson designed, was based on the neoclassical principles described in the books of the Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio. It is situated on the summit of an 850-foot (260 m)-high peak in the Southwest Mountains south of the Rivanna Gap. Its name comes from the Italian “little mountain.”

We had the pleasure in visiting Monticello in Virginia during the Wine Bloggers Conference. View the home and estate of our 2nd President Thomas Jefferson, who happened to be a fan of Bordeaux wine!

Jefferson had great taste in wine.

[with Jancis Robinson] “No nation is drunken where wine is cheap; and none sober, where the dearness of wine substitutes ardent spirits as the common beverage fix but the duty at the rate of other merchandise, and we can drink wine here as cheaply as we do grog; and who will not prefer it?” – Thomas Jefferson 1818

Jefferson ordered casks and bottles of wine at least annually. On average, Jefferson’s household consumed about 400 bottles a year, and more while he lived at the President’s House, when he ordered about 600 bottles.

Thomas Jefferson lays to rest.

View more photos of the majestic home at Bordeaux Wine Flickr album! Cheers!

Wine Bloggers Conference 2011 – Live Wine Blogging – Roses

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For the first night of live wine blogging at this weekend’s Wine Bloggers Conference, we decided to pour a juicy rose from the Pomerol region. If you’re unfamiliar with live wine blogging, basically bloggers will taste, review, and blog or Tweet about several wines, all within a five minute period. What’s great about the experience is that you get to try a ton of new wines, in a short period.

Check out the pics from our live whites/rose wine blogging session on our Flickr page and if you wanna read some background and tasting notes on the wine, check below!

Wanna buy now? Find Chateau Festival Rose here!