Immerse Yourself in the Music of Bordeaux

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Celebrating the Art of Living means enjoying magnificent music while exploring new and fun wines. We’ve created a special Bordeaux playlist of up-and-coming artists from the hottest music communities in the U.S. These six artists have created songs inspired by Bordeaux and the essence of a life lived well. Take a listen to their tunes, download your favorites, and visit our SoundCloud page to download the entire playlist.

Good As Gone “Sweet Summer Wine” [Austin, Texas]
Your feet will be tapping all season long as you listen to this catchy tune that’s all about the feeling you get any time you have a glass on that perfect summer night. [artist site]

The Root Cause “You’re The Best of Me” [Chicago, Illinois]
Acoustic rock doesn’t get any better than this, as one of Chicago’s hottest new groups captures the sound of what it’s like to find your own inspiration. [artist site]

KorElement “Bring the Love” [LA, California]
Where’s the love? It’s right here on this smooth hip hop beat that’s got just the right vibe for a party or cruising the streets in summer. [artist site]

Emily Angell “To Live” [NYC, New York]
You’ll feel your body shake when you listen to this soulful melody from a hot, young artist from New York City – it’s the art of living musically. [artist site]

Action At A Distance “Mining Diamonds” [San Francisco, California]
Sweet and sultry, this new-age track brings together haunting lyrics with experiment sounds to create an electric feel. [artist site]

Kokayi “Feelin Summery” [Washington, D.C.]
Are you ready for your new anthem for your next hang out? Because here it is, smooth and simple, it’s as laid back as a summer afternoon. [artist site]

Explore the Art of Living playlist over at our SoundCloud page: and enjoy it all summer long!

4 thoughts on “Immerse Yourself in the Music of Bordeaux

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  3. That “Sweet Summer Wine” from Good As Gone was really cool.
    Yes, I am familiar with this band, but now wanna try the wine!

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